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Tight skin is the body's attempt to compensate for a deficient diet, lack of sleep, and excessive stress. The tight skin that develops in response to diet, stress and excessive sleep is called epidermal necrolysis. To develop tight skin, the body is constantly in the search for nutrients and energy, which means that the skin is constantly trying to protect itself from the damaging effects of the environment. In response to this constant search for energy and nutrients, the body creates a special skin layer and the skin tries to hold on to it as well. The skin layer will be thick and the inner layer will be thin and will have tiny blood vessels to carry the excess energy and nutrients from the body to the skin. Over time, this new layer will break down due to repeated exposure to the environment, but there are a few things that can help keep the new layer from falling apart: • Dehydration (lack of body water) • Dehydration with high humidity (in a dry environment) • Skin temperature (hot or cold) • Too little or too much sun exposure • Excessive humidity • Sunburn When the body is in constant search for nutrients and energy, the skin is constantly in a search for more skin.

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